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With more than 150 million hectares, the DRC’s forests account for about 60% of the Congo Basin forests – the second largest tropical forest basin in the world. They provide essential services for a significant part of the population and play a crucial role in regulating the global climate. Sustainable logging also has significant economic potential.

The WWF-DRC forest programme works with government authorities, private sector, civil society, indigenous peoples and local communities to promote the sustainable management of the Congolese forest.

Main threats to the forests of the DRC

Slash-and-burn shifting cultivation
Felling of firewood
Illegal logging
Inadequately regulated logging
Commercial agriculture
Mining and petroleum infrastructure 
Infrastructure development, such as             roads. 

Our strategies

Forestry law and policies: we support the implementation of forestry laws and regulations, and build capacity in forestry technical standards, social responsibility of logging companies, and complying with FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade, the EU’s anti-illegal logging scheme).

Technical training in forest management:
we target key audiences such as young professionals and local authorities to build capacity in sustainable logging and forest management.

Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN):
we form partnerships with private sector companies and promote independent forest certification.

Support to civil society:
we help environmental civil society organizations develop their operations and advocacy.

Indigenous peoples and local communities: we help local people to be better represented locally and nationally, to manage their natural resources as a community, to participate in land-use planning processes, and to share in the benefits of economic activities.

REDD+: we help run pilot REDD+ projects and contribute to national REDD+ policy.

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Impact of mining activities in the forest
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Community meeting, Mai-Ndombe, DRC October 2012
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