Stop Illegal Wildlife Trade

In 50 years of conservation, we have never seen wildlife crime on such a scale. Wildlife crime is now the most urgent threat to three of the world’s best-loved species – elephants, rhinos and tigers. In Central Africa, the elephant population is going down at an alarming rate. These species cannot survive high levels of poaching for long.
The global value of illegal wildlife trade is between US$7.8 billion and US$10 billion per year. It is a major illicit transnational activity worldwide – along with arms, drugs and human trafficking. But high-level traders and kingpins are rarely arrested, prosecuted, convicted or punished for their crimes.
We need your help to save wildlife and people from becoming victims of wildlife crime. Join our campaign and help us:
Make your voice heard.
Make a pledge, send an email, sign a petition. The more people speaking, the better governments, business leaders and other decision-makers will listen. By adding your voice to our campaigns, together, we can achieve big wins for our planet.
Push governments to protect threatened animal populations.
By increasing law enforcement, imposing strict deterrents, reducing demand for endangered species products, and honoring international commitments made under CITES.
Speak up on behalf of those on the frontline.
Rangers put their lives in danger to protect wildlife: they need to be properly equipped, trained and compensated.
Reduce demand for illegal wildlife parts and products.
By encouraging others to ask questions and get the facts before buying any wildlife or plant product.