Plant a tree

You can save the planet!

Plant a seed, save a planet!

It's the smallest thing, but possibly the biggest gesture you can do today - plant a tree seed. How about a pear seed, or a mango seed? Or why not go crazy and buy a whole packet of seeds from your local garden centre? 
All you have to do is make sure they are the seeds of trees that can be found naturally – "native" – where you live.

But where do you plant it?

On the side of the street, in your garden, in the park, by a lay-by, on the side of a field or next to a wood... anywhere where there's space and light. Then all you have to do is :
1. Bend down.
2. Push your finger (or a pen) into the soil to about 2cm depth and pop that seed in.
3. Then stand on the hole to close it over and tuck it in.

That's all you have to do!

You've taken a step, an action, that helps our only planet – the planet we depend on and cling to – breathe a little easier. Quite literally.
It may be a simple act. It may have been easy to carry out. But given half a chance that seed will grow and mean more and more as your life goes on.
Your one single action gains significance as it grows, as you grow.
How easy was that? How good do you feel? And if it does make you feel good, go do it again!  
It's not the only seed you just planted… you also planted one in your own mind. The idea, the thought and perhaps the hope that you can do something to save this planet is satisfying. Doing small things can achieve big things. The very seed you planted in the soil is proof of that, a living example of how from small things even greater things emerge and grow.

Now can you save a planet? Yes you can!